Character Information


License Plate Number

1/2 PT


Milk Float


Buddy, Daisy Do-Right, Ice Cool, Jack Hammer, Amber, Scarlet, The Wild Bunch, Hot Air, Tech, Hot Rodney


Hot Rodney (formerly)

Voiced by

Emma Tate

Special Episode Appearances

Dream Street's Christmas Star

Half-Pint is a very shy milk float.

Midnight MonsteringEdit

In the episode, he was seen sleeping near the Gossips. That happened when the 2 are gossiping away, only to find that they have to wake up a very sleepy Half-Pint.


  • Half-Pint is shy, just like Emily Elephant from Peppa Pig.
  • Half-Pint is a male, but his voice sounds like a female. This was because he was voiced by Emma Tate.
  • On his back, it says "Milk It!". That was shown in "Dream Street Fun 5000".

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